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What we do and why FT Wellbeing management

FT Wellbeing management was founded in 2015 by holistic psycho-neuro-physiologist Tatiana Dmitrieva.

We help individuals and corporations to adjust for current life demands restructuring individual and collective lifestyles and habits for peak performance goals.

It's so simple to get lost in all of those new technologies, bio-hacking novelties, and high-end services represented on a currant International market. Our highly qualified team of personal coaches, psychologists and neuropsychologists, nutritionists, dieticians, personal trainers, and segment coaches (career, business, entrepreneurship, relationships) will help you to get evidence-based scientific insights and data regarding new and traditional health technologies as well as lead you through your peak performance journey. 

We not only design personal peak performance programs understanding in minute details what, how, and why, we also collaborate with the most advanced players on the International health and wellbeing market connecting our clients with the best trained and registered professionals.  

My qualifications 

-Developmental and educational psychology (BSc/MSc) (Vologda State University)

-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (MSc) (Open Study College)

- MBA, Imperial College, London

- Sports Nutrition (International Sport and Science Association, US)

-Positive psychology  (post-graduate diploma Berkeley University California)

- The Foundation of Happiness at Works (post-graduate diploma at UC, Berkeley)

- Psychology Level 1/2/3/4. How the mind works. Cognition. (post-graduate diploma, University of British Columbia)

- The science of well-being (post-graduate diploma Yale University)

- Empathy and Emotional Intelligence (post-graduate course at UC, Berkeley) 

- Neuroscience level 1/2/3 (post-graduate courses at Harvard Medical school) 

- Neurocardiology and Neuroendocrinology (post-graduate program for mental health practitioners at HeartMathInstitute, California)

- Psychology and spirituality (post-graduate certification King's College, London)

- Evolutionary Psychology (post-graduate certification King's College, London)

- Neurology and Neurofeedback (School of Neurotherapy, California) 

- Neurofeedback in clinical practice (The Institute for Applied Neuroscience, North Carolina) 

My books
How to quit sugar in 21 days
The Book
My fitness titles:
Bikini-Fitness 2xVice-champion of EU
Online coaching 
We support our clients all the way through their peak performance optimization process by assigning to everyone a personal peak performance coach. You will have questions to ask. and you will get gentle and careful support during your peak performance adaptation journey. 
What is included:
- unlimited text support (responded within 24 hours by highly qualified registered and accredited peak performance coaches)
- unlimited access to the "members only" area 
- opportunity to interact with other clients who are going through a similar performance enhancement adventure in our "member only" Instagram and Facebook groups.
Online support is paid monthly and is an absolutely value-for-money option. 


I am Tatiana Dmitrieva, a trained cognitive-behavioural neuropsychologist, a fellow member of ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists, and Hypnotherapists), qualified nutritionist accredited by the International Sport and Science Association, experienced neuropsychologist, CBT and psychoanalysis practitioner. I strongly believe that spirit, mind, body, and personal well-being are interconnected. Moreover, I believe that we are all responsible for the energy we carry and spread around. 


My mission is

to assist people in their process of self-exploration and personal, mental, intellectual, and physical development through the identification of past limiting believes and behaviour, and gradual replacement with beneficial ones.


Peak Performance personal optimization program is a fully customised body transformation program.
We do not believe in generic solutions as every human body is unique.
We carefully access our clients and create bespoke programs adapted for personal needs and circumstances. 
We create programs taking into account: 
- personal physical and mental anamnesis
- genetics, body composition, and metabolic characteristics
- levels of fitness and daily activities
- current nutrition and eating habits
- sleep patterns and stress level 
- allergies and intolerances
- life circumstances such as workload, personal commitments, and so on.
The program is created after an in-depth lifestyle examination is done in our practice located in Central London (St. Jame's Park), and required tests (genetics, allergies, hormones, brain activities) are conducted in a collaboration with our highly respected in the industry partners such as LimitlessPsyche neuro-therapy and FT biotech research. 
The program includes:
- 2 1-2-1 60-minutes sessions with Tatiana (an initial lifestyle assessment and program follow-up)
- a customised nutrition plan
- a customised fitness plan
- a customised supplementation plan
- a customised ergogenic aid plan (all other steps and interventions such as neurofeedback, CBT, psychotherapy, etc. recommended by Fit&Treat's experts in order to achieve maximum results.)
*Tests and scans are not included in the program and priced separately depending on the service provider
How it works
1. Fill an online form here 
2. Within 48 hours one of our client-managers will give you a call to discuss details of your case and help you with booking an initial assessment, other formal procedures, and payments
3.Your program will be ready within 5 working days once the initial assessment is conducted in our practice at 79 Marsham street or our additional office at 22 Harley street 
4.The second session with your personal coach/doctor will be scheduled since the program is ready 


79 Marsham Street, Westminster London. 

22 Harley street

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