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About Fit&Treat

Our corporate values:
- We are happy, conscious life-travellers and experience collectors.
- We are hungry for knowledge but  generous about sharing it.
- We are passionate about healthy living, healthy eating, healthy actions and healthy loving.
- We have the tools and the rules to develop ourselves and others, and we never stop learning.
 - We know a lot about how the human brain, body, and soul work, and we are always keen to explore all of these areas more
​- We are experts in creating unforgettable leisure experiences for our clients. A balanced life is our top priority, so we work hard and play hard.
- We have the key to a balanced life;
Let's use it together to unlock your happiness.


Balansed life with F&T
Our specialties


Private and corporate events

Holistic life-style coaching



Age related psychology

Self-Management techniques





Healthy cooking / meal planning

Diet and Detoxification


Sleep and relaxation techniques

Cognitive processes

Mnemonic techniques 

Holistic energy practices 

Fit&Treat Wellbeing Management  is a provider of holistic lifestyle services, delivering two core products:


  1. Private and group holistic life-style coaching and education 

  2. Events organisation 

Our team has a great deal of relevant expertise, and is highly qualified, but our shared vision and values make us more than that.

avtive team building
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