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Peak Performance Optimisation Program is a bespoke strategy we design for our clients taking into account:


- personal physical and mental anamnesis

- genetics, body composition, and metabolic characteristics

- levels of fitness and daily activities

- current nutrition and eating habits

- sleep patterns and stress level

- allergies and intolerances

- life circumstances such as workload, personal commitments, and so on.


We do not believe in generic solutions as every human body is unique.

The program is created after an in-depth lifestyle examination is done in one of our primal location at 79 Marsham street or online. 


The program includes:

- two 1-2-1 60-min sessions with Tatiana (an initial lifestyle assessment and a program follow up conducted in person or online when the program is ready)

- a customised nutrition plan

- a customised fitness plan

- a customised supplementation plan

- a customised ergogenic aid plan (all other steps and interventions such as Neurofeedback or NeuroModulation training for cognitive enhancement and rejuvenation, CBT or other types of talk therapy, aesthetic treatments, etc. recommended by FT Wellbeing Management experts in order to achieve maximum results in a minimum time.)


**Please note: additional tests such as DNA, hormonal tests, brain maps or scans such as Low Resolution Electromagnetic tomography, X-Ray or ultrasound are not included in the program price. However, we collaborate with the best clinics in the UK and worldwide and we are happy to find for you a perfect lab or a perfect doctor through our advance FT R&D network we often utilize to provide our clients with the best medical, health, and wellbeing services. If you are interested, please check our service “Elite Health Concierge”.

Peak Performance Personal Optimisation Program

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  • 1) Fill the online form here (please note: if you already filled the form and was contacted by your personal manager, discussed all your quiries and just want to proseed with the payment - please skip this step)

    2) Prepay the program

    3) Schedule your initial assessment in the clinic or online via online booking system which will pop out when the payment is done. 

    4) As soon as the in-depth lifestyle assessment is completed we will create program for you within 7 working days and email the PDF document to you.

    Please note: you will be asked to keep your lifestyle diary for 5 days and provide us with detailed information.

    - all your meals and drinks during a day with timing and portions sizes

    - daily physical and mental activities

    - hours of sleep and rest

    - supplements you take

    If you recently conducted blood tests for food intolerances, allergies and hormones please share it with us. If not – no problem, we collaborate with a few highly respected laboratories in the UK, Germany, and the US and will be glad to assist you with booking.

    3) Our assistant will help you to book your second 1-2-1 session with Tatiana where you will be able to ask any questions regarding the program, diet, exercise, and so on as well as go through the fitness routine if needed.

    We also offer an Online Support and Elite Health Concierge services to our clients with an additional cost. Please check our fees with your personal manager or in our on-line shop.

    Online support is a great addition to the program. Drop us an email or WhatsApp text with your questions anytime you want and we will provide you with comprehensive scientific answers within 24 hours.

    *Please note: the Online Support is a separate service and not included in Peak Performance Personal Optimisation program

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