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FT R&D is our science-department founded in 2018. The primary focus of the FT R&D is a bio-tech research and communication inside the International medical community. We gained an access to the best practitioners in the World and keep the network running, welcoming every day new trained and accredited professional. We will save you time and find for your needs any medical, health, wellbeing, beauty, fitness or alternative medicine practitioner all around the world.

How it works:

1. We will organize for you a session with one of our chartered PGs or holistic health practitioner in order to understand your queries

2. We will conduct a search through our and our partners' networks

3. We will offer you few options

4. We will give you a referral and even take about all necessary formal procedures.


*Please note: price of the service might be increased depending on the level of complexity of your task.


Elite Health Concierge

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