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How to postpone ageing

I recently attended a 2-day nutrition seminar to learn about the latest science on healthy ageing from several of the world’s top ageing experts. I feel extremely inspired to share with you all what I learned. 1) Calorie restriction pros and cons

One of the most interesting topics was “Does caloric restriction extend lifespan?” For me the answer was obvious: only sometimes when we deal with an body excessive fat accumulation. On the other hand, inevitable ageing muscle loss might be exacerbated due to calorie restrictions. Muscle sarcopenia starts from age 30 and getting more severe with every next decade of life. Being aware of statistics related to bone problems our primary purpose after 40 y.o. is to prevent muscle degradation as much as possible in order to protect skeletal corset. Logically speaking, we have no choice to ignore careful control of protein consumption. Regular resistance training is also highly recommended 3-4 time a week.

*Please feel free to book nutrition consultation and get your customised nutrition and fitness plans.

2) Healthy fats will make you stronger

Another interesting point was comparison of a low fat diet versus a Mediterranean diet (which includes plenty of nuts, fatty fish, and olive oil). The Mediterranean diet wins! It was shown to prevent cognitive decline and heart problems.

3) Keep moving!

Eating does not kill you, sofa - does! Research shown, sedentary lifestyle decreases your health span more than smoking. It is important to use any free time you have to get out from your workspace. But what if I don’t have free time? Get up and take a walk to the bathroom every hour or two and don't forget to include exercise into your normal daily routine like you do with brushing teeth.

3) Go green

If you want to live longer without getting a disease or being disabled try to include as much vegetable in your ration as you can. My recommendation is to focus on legumes, healthy plant based fats (olive oil, other monounsaturated fats, nuts), leafy greens, green and yellow vegetables. Waist goals for men should be less than 40 inches, and less than 35 inches for women.

4) Life is sweet enough with no sugar

Take care of your teeth and try to avoid completely any types of sugary processed food! Get regular dental checkups! Edentulousness (having no teeth) is directly related to nutritional issues and health problems.

5) Hire a nutritionist

Highly qualified and experienced nutritionist is not a luxury. It is a necessity as a nice dentist. Your personal nutritionist will creates for you individualised diet/meal plan that takes into consideration your physical and mental anamnesis, age, gender, weight, activity level, and all other personal circumstances.

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