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I know everything about healthy living but why it doesn't work for me?

Why diets do not work

As a Nutrition, Fitness and CBT practitioner I see clients every day and every day I hear the same thing:

"I know everything about healthy eating, I know everything about diets, I tried them all, I read all those psychology books and used all those fitness apps but... it doesn't work for me"...

Every day I face incredible cases when ladies diet "all the time" and can't lose weigh, go to the gym 5 days a week and can't build "dat bootey", read 100 CBT books and can't manage balanced relationships with other people. I hear it every day for years. Intelligent, smart and awesome people come to me and tell me how much they know about the subject but still nowhere with results. I have only one question regarding all of these cases: why, why if you know everything about nutrition, fitness, psychology, neuroscience, and so on, you are not able apply knowledge on yourself.

I'm always curious why it doesn't work. At some point I collected enough answers to built a case.

So, here are 3 the most common responses:

1) "I will start tomorrow"

You can't even imagine how often I hear this excuse. Over 90% of my clients and seminar participants answer this way. Guess what? Tomorrow never happens. Never. Guess why? Because "tomorrow" is an abstract subject that exists only in our head. There is no tomorrow in reality because every "tomorrow" tends to become "today".

You have the only option to get started and this option is to start TODAY. TODAY!

2) I do everything but I have no results and it's so discouraging....

This is the second most common answer. When I start asking questions what exactly is done. In fact, we can have here 4 options only:

- nothing is really done (because, well, it was planned for tomorrow or done once 3 weeks ago)

- understanding of "healthy eating", "healthy living", "healthy relationships" are from from what should be really considered as so.

- client really does everything but hitting the plateau because his/her body stopped reacting on what he/she does on a daily base

- everything is really done but required a professional tuning

3) Do you really think I need it?

I look pretty fit...

I'm almost happy in my relationships

I eat almost healthy....

There is a simple secret: you can't be almost happy, almost fit, almost healthy and almost pregnant. You are or you are not. "Almost" means

- not enough motivation or courage to do it properly

- not enough dedication to do it regularly

- not enough knowledge to do it right

- not enough time to get results

But! There is a good news! Every process including your lifestyle change or body transformation requires:

- certain system (goal setting, organisation, planning, facilitation, execution, evaluation, adjustments, and right management)

- certain amount of repetitions (the more the better)

- knowledge (the deeper the better)

- understanding what you do and why

- qualified support

- dedication, and

- it should be a pleasant process.

Tuning the YouSuperBodyShaper program I played around component to get an optimal combination of elements for years trying everything on myself. The program was launched two year ago and now I'm extremely proud to conclude that over 100 clients who went through the program achieved desired results.

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